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This training college will render all sports of assistance necessary for preparing oneself for the c...

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Welcome Gurukul R.T. College of Civil Services

Dear students and Parents,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Gurukul Residential Training College of Civil Services, Karmad, Dist. Aurangabad (M.S.) .This college has an ambitious mission to drive the development knowledge in India. This college offer the B.A. Civil Services (U.P.S.C) Degree course. The above degree College is recognized by Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek , Dist. Nagpur. Which is state government University.

As this college believes in Providing Quality Education on standard level for become I.A.S. & I.P.S.. The College endeavors to educate a new generation of leaders who will be capable of shaping the future with vision.

Now the population of India increasing day by day and problem of employment is taking  a large figure. In the world of competition today the education has become an initiative factor for advancement of an individual person. Obviously planned education is absolutely essential.

Today the large numbers of men and women have become successful doctors, Engineers and other field too they are earning best. It is but natural, therefore lot of the students choose the way to reach their aim and so the boys and girls are choosing medical, engineering, Technical field for their careers in India and abroad. But after that they could not get satisfied that’s why the large number of boys & girls attracting towards U.P.S.C. Exam for become IAS & IPS And other side we see huge amount of money has to be spent besides of lot of efforts are to be made to get a medical,engineering, and other degree   for the sake of employment and business .

No competitive examination is hard but proper planning to succeed in it is most important. Efforts and hard work are needed to achieve success in competitive examination as well as selection of optional subject is also necessary for success in U.P.S.C main examination. For the success in competitive examination we started above college.

In this college B.A. Civil Services (U.P.S.C.) three year degree course will be tought .Within this degree course syllabus of U.P.S.C. main Exam fully covered. That will be benefit to students that they save their most important 3 year of life. Mostly the students appear the U.P.S.C Exam after degree Pass out after the three year course they start preparation of U.P.S.C Exam at that their age mostly over. The syllabus and study of U.P.S.C Exam understood and full preparation is over after two or three year at that time they become age bar and they lose their chance to become IAS & IPS.

This training college will render all sports of assistance necessary for preparing oneself for the competitive examination being held all India level to fill in the highest post in the administrative of the central & state govt. services.

The admitted students will be get 18 hours possible residential guidance and physically training in this  training college. The study materials and atmosphere will be provided by training college. The staff will be spent their large time for shape  the students life and progress.

The above training college aim is each students should be get the employment  in central & state govt. guarantied. However the training college will take full efforts to ensure that the students become confident and capable enough to come out the examination very successfully and fulfill their dream of being an I.A.S & I.P.S  officers. Physically training is compulsory for those who want to join the defense services and as well as to become I.P.S. officer.

This information will be assets you in making you choosing the faculty of your choice and also guide briefly about it. If you need more information visit website or professional expertise of our college. This is an important time of your life. Time never wait for you. Don’t missed the opportunities think and take the chance. Now peerless opportunities is knocking your door.

I wish the students bright carrier and prosperous future.

Thanking You,